Mandurah Houseboats’ Accessible Tourism Accreditation

As part of our commitment to providing tourism experiences for as many members of our community as possible, Mandurah Houseboats has recently completed our application for Accessible Tourism Accreditation with the Tourism Council of Western Australia.

Accessible Tourism Accreditation assists businesses like ours to improve and communicate their accessibility for visitors across five areas:
– Low hearing
– Cognitive/autism
– Limited mobility
– Mobility aids – wheelchairs and scooters
– Low vision

Businesses complete a self-assessment tool which benchmarks the current accessibility of their product and provides them with:
– Accessible Guide for Guests which can be distributed to potential guests, so that visitors with a disability can make an informed assessment as to whether a business can cater to their needs.
– Internal Report which shows what further action can be taken to meet the needs of specific accessible markets, and which of the five accessible areas they are already sufficiently catering for.
Click here to download a copy of our WA Tourism Council Accessibility Guide for Guests.

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