What is a Houseboat Holiday?

A houseboat holiday is a unique experience. Choose your boat, bring your crew and then skipper your fully equipped houseboat along the waterways of the Peel Inlet and Murray River region of Western Australia. Relax, snooze, swim, canoe, stroll, read, enjoy a drink, go fishing or crabbing…there’s so much to explore and discover. We recommend you stay for a minimum of 2 nights to really relax and enjoy your holiday; there’s simply too much to see and do otherwise.

Our houseboats have all the amenities you’ll need for your trip including hot water, showers, bathrooms and kitchen with oven and stovetop as well as a fridge. Our boats can accommodate from 4 to 10 people in a range of configurations and sleeping arrangements, give us a call on (08) 9535 9898 and our friendly staff will help you choose the boat best suited to your requirements. You don’t need a Skippers Ticket as we’ll provide appropriate instruction and training before you set sail on your holiday.

Is a Skipper's Ticket Required?

A Skipper’s Ticket is not required, however you must be at least 21, and have a current driver’s license (If you don’t have a current driver’s license, a Skipper’s ticket is acceptable)

All Skippers, irrespective of their marine experience, receive tuition that is specific to the boat, tailored to the Skipper’s experience and broadly covers three areas;
1) The boat.
2) The boat manual.
3) Driving instructions.

Weather and tidal conditions that the Skipper is likely to experience during their time aboard are also discussed.

What are the Houseboats equipped with?

  • All kitchenware, cleaning products and tea towels.
  • Cooktop and oven.
  • Toilets and showers (inc. toilet paper).
  • Hot water system.
  • Fridge/freezer.
  • 80L Esky.
  • BBQ.
  • Inverter (to supply 240v suitable to charge mobile phones and laptops).
  • Radio/CD player.
  • Swim platform with ladder.
  • Shaded decks.
  • Outdoor furniture settings.
  • Crab nets and cooker.
  • Ctrack Safety Tracking System.
  • First Aid kit.
  • Crockery & cutlery.
  • Life jackets.
  • Fire extinguishers.

What do I bring?

  • Mobile phones with chargers.
  • Food.
  • Drinking water.
  • Music.
  • Books.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Fishing gear (don’t forget you need a fishing licence – apply for one here.).
  • Board games.
  • Flat sheets & towels (if you don’t want to bring these we can supply them at a nominal charge – note that all linen is supplied on Emily Louise & Quicksilver).
  • Camera.
  • Personal toiletries.
  • Ice (we can supply ice at our Mandurah base if required).

Where do I leave my car?

There is parking at both of our locations (Mandurah and Ravenswood). Parking at Ravenswood is in a secured compound.

Where can I moor my Houseboat?

All houseboats must be moored by sunset and cannot move before first light.

You can moor at any public jetty or mooring (fixed or swing-type) overnight and for 4 hours during daylight hours.

In addition, you may moor for any period of time (day or night) at our private jetties at Mandurah and Ravenswood and our private swing-moorings located near Port Bouvard.

Our staff will provide locations of some popular mooring locations during your instruction.

What if I run out of supplies?

The best thing to do is to make sure that you arrive on your holiday fully stocked up!

If you do need to shop for food however, then there’s an IGA close to our base at Dolphin Quay in Mandurah and all the major supermarkets are a short drive away in town.

There are also numerous small shops and licensed venues along the river where you can buy food, ice, bait etc.

Fuel costs?

All boats are fully fuelled prior to departure and fuel is charged based on the quantity that you use during your holiday.

Can I tow a dinghy or canoe?

Yes, with conditions to be discussed with Mandurah Houseboats.

Onboard power?

All boats (except Emily Louise and Quicksilver) operate a 12v power system. On board you will find an ‘inverter’ (300 watt modified sine wave) that will supply enough 240v power to charge mobile phones and laptops.

Emily Louise and Quicksilver both have 240v power systems.

If I need assistance, what do I do?

You can use your mobile phone to contact us 24 hours a day. Contact details for all emergency services (Water Police and Water Rescue) are provided onboard our houseboats. All of our boats have a 240v inverter so that your mobile phone can stay charged at all times.

Do I need a Fishing Licence?

To fish or crab, at least one person aboard your houseboat will need a Recreational Fishing from Boat Licence.

If you have a licence, other people aboard can then fish or crab under your licence (if you have two licences aboard you will be able to double your crab bag limits).

You can apply for a licence here.

What are the Conditions of Hire for the Houseboats?

Please download a copy of our Conditions of Hire.

Can I download a brochure?

Yes, you can download a brochure here.

Can I own a boat?

For more information about boat ownership and management opportunities contact Alan Hill on 043 893 1150 or email alan@houseboatsmandurah.com.au

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