Moody misty mornings and crisp sunny days. Amazing winter houseboat holidays are WA’s best-kept secret.

There’s a school of thought that says we’re so spoilt with the amazing summer weather in Western Australia that when winter does come we should just hunker down, hibernate and wait it out until summer rolls around again.

The reality is that in some countries they’d count themselves lucky to have a summer as good as our winters (UK we’re looking at you), and when the sizzling temperatures drop off, winter can actually be the perfect time to get on the water for a houseboat holiday.

Winter on the Peel Inlet and the Murray river is absolutely beautiful, with moody, misty, river mornings followed by crisp sunny days and the bonus of stunning scenery that changes every day.

On the river, morning mists clear to reveal crisp blue skies, mirror-like reflections and no other boats in sight. Sunny days make it the perfect time of the year to enjoy a wide variety of activities including canoeing, SUP-boarding, fishing, birdwatching and bushwalking. In the evenings, starlit nights are made to be enjoyed rugged-up on the foredeck.

One of the major upsides of a winter houseboat holiday is it’ll be a lot more peaceful than summer so you can really enjoy the serenity and recharge your batteries.

In winter the river traffic is almost non-existent. Away from the summer hubbub you can enjoy stopping in quiet moorings to soak up the winter sunshine undisturbed by the noise and wash from other boats, monopolise your favourite fishing spot, and (if you pick the right boat) you can even while away an afternoon in the hot tub watching the world go by.

Our houseboats are designed to accommodate people all year round and are fully equipped with toasty-warm bedding and light, bright interiors designed to make the most of the winter sunshine.

And when the rain comes? Just lean into it. Rug up and relax. A glass of red listening to the rain on the roof is surely one of the best things about a WA winter.

Perhaps best of all, you’ll score an off-peak rate, and if you book a 3 day hire to stay on any of our houseboats between 1st June and 31st August 2022 we’ll give you an extra day free of charge.

Have a look here for availability or give us a call on (08) 9535 9898 and get ready to embrace winter with Mandurah Houseboats.

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