Never been on a boating holiday before? Let us show you the ropes

What does your perfect holiday look like? Do you see yourself off on adventures in new places or lounging in the sun with a good book and a glass of wine? Maybe you prefer a little bit of both? Well, wherever your houseboat takes you and whatever you do while you’re with us…holidays are always better on-board a houseboat.

Most of our customers had never even been boating before booking a Mandurah Houseboats holiday and our boats don’t require a Skipper’s Ticket.

So, how does it work?

Simple. Our boats have been designed to make them easy to use, with just a steering wheel and throttle controls, so that even if you’ve never driven a boat before you’ll soon be confident navigating the pristine waters of the Murray River and the Peel Inlet. Our expert team will make sure you are ready for your first houseboat holiday, by literally showing you the ropes!

When you arrive for your holiday a member of our base team will tell (and show) you everything you need to know and will accompany you on a familiarisation trip to make sure you are completely happy with the controls.

Before you leave the dockside with your boat, a member of our team will conduct a pre-departure briefing with you. They’ll explain how the features of the boat work (like the hot water, cooking appliances etc) they’ll also show you how to handle the controls and manoeuvre the boat.

After the theory comes a short practical where you’ll take the boat for a spin and practice manoeuvres (including mooring). The full briefing takes about an hour, but our staff are more than happy to take as long as you need to feel comfortable with your new floating holiday home.

Your houseboat has been designed to be easy to handle and to travel at low speeds to ensure protection of the marine environment and to keep all boaters safe. In this way we’re able to make it possible for thousands of people who have never been boating before to cruise the waterways of the Peel region every year in comfort and safety.

Additionally, all our houseboats are equipped with simple-to-use GPS systems. The GPS gives you a track to follow that shows the safest route to get from point A to point B anywhere on our cruising grounds. Our staff will show you how the GPS works during your tuition before you take the boat out for your holiday. Every boat is also equipped with charts and written information about every mooring and place to visit on our cruising grounds.

Once you’re away there’s lots to do both on and off your boat – there’s nothing quite like the tranquil pace of the waterways to slow you down. No one is in a rush. People take the time to talk to one another, wave as they pass, share boating stories. The gentle pace of your houseboat will allow you to drink in the scenery, appreciate nature and enjoy being together in each other’s company as you travel from place to place.

What better way to relax, slow down and rejuvenate with your family – the way of life on the water is the perfect way to wind right down. You’ll love being free from itineraries and deadlines, with the freedom to stop where you want, when you want, for as long as you want.

Book today and we think you’ll fall in love with houseboating!

Making a booking is as easy as 1,2,3 and with 16 boats to choose from there’s a houseboat to suit everyone.

1. Work out the number of the crew you’re holidaying with.
2. Pick your boat.
3. Make a booking.

If you have any questions or you need help making a booking just give us a call on (08) 9535 9898 or drop us an email at

And if you’d like to find out some of the finer details of what life is like aboard a houseboat this article is a useful source of information along with the answers to our FAQs.

See you on the water!

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